Dear IAM Community,

Our Winter Olympics this year were a tremendous success! Grade level teams squared off on February 2 for a tournament filled with friendly competition and community spirit. My favorite part of the day is clearly the hallway decorating. The IAM is transformed into a different world as each class is assigned to a hallway that they decorate in very intricate ways. This year the theme was “villains” so each hallway was decorated accordingly. The seniors won but it was a very close competition where everyone had fun.

The enrollment period just ended with our entrance test on February 3. There are nearly 350 applicants for the class of 2022. While we would certainly like to accommodate all interested students, the reality is that our current facility simply cannot house these numbers. Our incoming classes normally number in the 150-160 range, with districts of varying sizes accommodating respective student capacities.

Last night we hosted “IB Night” to explain our IB scheduling choices to students and parents in grades 9 and 10. Teachers from a variety of subjects explained the differences between “internal and external” assessments as well as the intricacies of their curriculum so that students can make informed choices for the schedule next year. Scheduling forms will be due on February 26 when students enter their schedules on Powerschool. Check out the video from the evening here:

On March 1 we will be hosting students from L’Anse Creuse North High School as they perform a review of musical artists as well as poetry and writing in honor of Black History Month. Students from the IAM will also give readings and poetry of their own. As part of the morning event, we will also feature Video7, a local music group with traditions in soul, jazz and hip-hop. It should be a great time. Check out their music here:

Tenth Grade students are nearing completion of their Personal Projects. The Personal Project is the culmination of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and a marvelous opportunity for students to explore an area of personal interest through the skills that they have developed through the MYP program. On Friday, March 9, students will exhibit their work at 1:00 PM in the gym. Everyone is welcome.

The IAM will perform the Great Gatsby on the weekend of March 23. There will be various performances available at the Chippewa Valley Auditorium, so please make an effort to check it out! Our students have been working hard for the past several months under the direction of Ms. Amthor, and the show promises to be amazing! We hope to see you there.

Best regards,

Eric Sturm




Dear IAM Community,

Winter has arrived, but here at the IAM we are staying warm with an assortment of engaging activities. It never ceases to amaze me how our students can maintain academic focus while giving back to our community through a variety of service based events: basketball and volleyball tournaments organized for charity; boxes placed around the school to collect food, gloves and hats for people in need; or cooking breakfast for fellow classmates to make them feel welcome at the school. While students place a tremendous focus on academics here at the IAM, they never lose sight of the fact that service to others is an important facet of the school and part of our connection to the wider IB world.

The IAM as an International Baccalaureate World School is always welcoming of visitors from abroad. On Tuesday, November 14, thirty-three Saudi Arabian educators visited the IAM to tour classrooms and meet with students and teachers. The visit was part of a program at Oakland University where teachers, administrators and counselors from Saudi Arabia spend  six months living and learning in Michigan. The goal of the project is to immerse the participants in the American educational process and to facilitate a cultural exchange during their stay. Then on Tuesday, December 5 the IAM met with Mr. Bert Okma, founder of the International Academy of Oakland County and a consultant in the formation of our school, when he brought a team of educators from his most recent educational project in China. Mr. Okma is building a network of schools centered on the IB and structured very much like our own. Students and teachers from the IAM will have the opportunity to work with the schools in China in various capacities in the future.

We will host our first Enrollment Night this Thursday evening at 6:00 PM in the IAM cafeteria. If you know someone who has children interested in coming to the IAM, please let them know about the meeting. We will have an additional Enrollment Night next Tuesday, December 19 at 6:00 PM as well.

Please join us for the annual IAM Band and Choir Winter Concert in the Chippewa Valley High School auditorium at 7:00 PM this Wednesday evening. The great musical selection by our talented band and choirs is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

The Parent Community Club (PCC) is hosting a Star Wars film fest to see “The Last Jedi” on Friday, December 15 immediately after school. The project grew out of a CAS project and has since developed into a very popular event!

The Link Crew will serve a Pancake Breakfast for all of the freshmen on Monday, December 18. The breakfast is part of our efforts to make the new freshmen feel a part of our community and to celebrate the upcoming break and end of the first semester. The breakfast should be fun for everyone.

 Please enjoy a peaceful holiday break.

Eric Sturm



November 3, 2017

Dear IAM Community,

This past Tuesday our staff welcomed Dr. Jay Marks from Oakland Schools. Check out his bio here: ( Dr. Marks is a consultant who helps teachers develop cultural competence in working with students from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Marks provided a full day of professional development during which he helped our staff to develop a capacity for understanding issues of diversity. We will be inviting Dr. Marks back for further work with our students in developing student leadership in the area of cultural competence.

Our seniors are in the throes of finalizing college applications, the Extended Essay and various assessments for all of their classes. Dr. Strong and I teach a section of Theory of Knowledge where students must complete a 1200-1600 word essay on a question provided by the IB. While we are able to have great philosophical discussions on a variety of topics, all seniors must complete an essay which will be submitted to the IB for marking right after the Winter Break. Theory of Knowledge is a course that is unique to all high school curricula in that it asks students to examine their learning for bias and to make connections across disciplines.

On October 7, the IAM defeated the Utica Academy of International Studies 30-16 in its annual “Powder Puff” football game. This is the fifth year in a row we have won the game, although winning is only part of the experience. The game has become a tradition at the IAM for bringing our community together, from graduates to current families and their students. The IAM will continue their Powder Puff season with a final game against the International Academy East Campus on November 9. We will start the game promptly at 4:30 PM at Chippewa Valley High School. All are welcome to attend.

Our Homecoming was once again an amazing experience for students as Ms. Rojeski and the Student Council put together a great event. While Spirit Week was a lot of fun with days such as “Tourist Day,” the Homecoming Dance saw record attendance on October 14 with nearly 400 students. Everyone had a great time.

The 10th grade are continuing to work on their Personal Project. On October 27 the students met with their supervisors to discuss their progress. Students are working towards exhibiting their projects at our annual expo on Friday, March 9. While the expo is amazing, the Personal Project is more about the learning journey that the student undertakes throughout the process of coming up with an idea, designing and implementing their idea, and then reflecting on the challenges and learning outcomes.

Recently I had the good fortune of traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to help a school with their implementation of the Extended Essay (EE). As an IB Educator, I am invited from time to time to consult with schools on a variety of IB questions, from administration to aspects of the program like TOK and the EE. This was a particularly interesting experience because the school was bilingual ( and I was required to use Spanish in my presentation. While my language skills in Spanish are a bit rusty, I was very impressed to see teachers and students speaking both Spanish and English with ease. Moving forward, we will set up opportunities for IAM students to connect with students from El Camino in several curricular areas.

Many thanks to the Parent Community Club for providing our staff an amazing lunch on September 19! We really appreciate your support!

Check out the photo from today’s annual Basketball Tournament organized by Mr. Hrisoulis. While the teachers have not claimed victory yet, I think they have a good chance with 6’5’’ Mr. Kardon! Good luck to everyone!

Best regards,

Eric Sturm

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Students at the IAM are about to finish their third week of school and I can say with confidence that we are off to a great start! While other schools around the state will only get going next week, a positive and vibrant learning environment has been ongoing throughout the end of the summer here at the IAM. While some say that it is a challenge to get students to want to come back to school so early, I can honestly say that it is impressive to see how positively and productively our students have approached the new school year. Students seem to be excited to be at the IAM, and this has made the start to the year a pleasure.

Mr. Tapp and Mr. Lambdin and the Link Crew welcomed our 150 incoming freshmen from our eighteen participating school districts in Macomb County at the freshmen orientation on August 11, 2017. The student mentors of the Link Crew worked hard to orient the new students to the school while warmly welcoming them into our community. Part of the process is to help the new students understand the culture of the IAM which is based on kindness, acceptance and giving one’s best effort! We are confident that our freshmen are off to a great start.

We are certainly proud of the new state rankings for high school SAT scores:

We are ranked as the second highest performing school in the State of Michigan! While this is certainly a huge accomplishment for our students, we are proud for other reasons as well. Most impressively, last year 94% of our students received an IB Diploma, a feat not equaled by any other IB school in the state. The IB Diploma requires that students complete assessments in six subject areas, as well as an Extended Essay, CAS requirements, and coursework in Theory of Knowledge. It is a significant accomplishment and one with which we are most impressed. Great job students!

If you have not met our new teachers, please take time to introduce yourself!

Kyle Kilpatrick (Physics) comes to us from the International Academy of Oakland County where he taught physics for the past three years. Kyle is a graduate of Kalamazoo College and is also the offensive coordinator for the Stoney Creek football team! Kyle will also act as the club sponsor for the IAM Robotics Team. Welcome Kyle!

Mary Thompson (English) is a seasoned educator from the Fraser Public Schools where she most recently was the Coordinator of Student Services at Richards Middle School for the past three years. Prior to this Mary taught English at Fraser High School since 1998. She is a graduate of Wheaton College. Mary will sponsor our yearbook as well as SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). Welcome Mary!

Let’s have a great year!

Mr. Sturm


Dear IAM Community,

As the weather gets warm and we wind down, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire IAM community on another fine year. We have seen so many successes on the academic front that we sometimes forget what makes the IAM special. We are an exceptional community of learners where everyone is welcome. We took the time to celebrate this sense of community last week on Friday when the Kona Ice Truck (provided by the PCC) came and the staff and students played a softball game. Everyone had fun getting out doors while enjoying the friendly competition. Later on Saturday the IAM played the Utica Academy of International Studies (UAIS) in a charity softball tournament that was designed and led by students as part of their CAS project. While this year the UAIS won, there were high-fives and laughter all around for both schools. Here at the IAM, students drive their learning but also fuel a spirit of pride and welcome that transcends background, home school or district. We are united in our learning community and very proud of how we are caring towards one another and those around us. Caring is an aspect of the IB Learner Profile that we will continue to be committed to moving forward next year.

We are so thankful for our Parent Community Club (PCC)! They have been outstanding in their support of the school this year, both for students and staff. While the students certainly enjoyed the Kona Ice Truck last week, the teachers loved the impressive show of support during Teacher Appreciation Week where they delighted in an incredible ice cream bar during lunch. We so much appreciate the efforts of the PCC as they have grown into a vital part of our school community. Please don’t forget that next week on Friday, June 16 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM the PCC is hosting an event at CJ Barrymore’s to celebrate the end of the year. Everyone is invited! Check out the flyer on our webpage for more information.

As we continue to further develop the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students, we have created an inaugural MYP Report Card for Grades 9 and 10! The MYP Report Card grades are provided in addition to the traditional local report card grades that will appear on a transcript and be utilized for college admission purposes.  Those grades will be available, as always, on the Parent Portal the week of June 19th.  The MYP Report Card grades are meant to inform student of their progress, as well as areas to look to for improvement. This MYP report will be distributed to students tomorrow.

We would like to say goodbye to Mr. Russell Swanson as he departs for Lima, Peru to teach in an IB school. Mr. Swanson has been an incredible support to our students both in the classroom and out-sponsoring numerous clubs and activities, most notably IAM Robot. Good luck Mr. Swanson and please stay in touch!

Our new Physics teacher’s name is Kyle Kilpatrick and he is currently a teacher at the International Academy of Oakland County at the Okma Campus. Kyle graduated from Kalamazoo College with a Physics major and a Math minor. He also played varsity baseball and football there. He later attended Kettering University where he majored in Mechanical Engineering and then received his Master’s from Oakland University. Check out an article about Kyle’s class here:

Good luck on exams and have a great summer!


Mr. Sturm

April 2017

Dear IAM Community,

It is hard to believe that this was the last week for our seniors. Yesterday was their final day where they had their “Senior Breakfast” in the morning after which they were applauded by the entire faculty and student body as they left the building. Later in the evening they enjoyed the Prom at Sycamore Hills. Next week the seniors will begin preparation for their IB Exams which will begin on May 1.

One group of seniors already had their first exam with the Art Exhibition. In IB Diploma Art, students must produce a series of art work over the course of the two years, and their teacher, Ms. Nicevski, must evaluate the work according to the IB criteria and electronically submit it to the IB. The students must also produce a “process portfolio” which is a sort of reflection about their work. These are sent to produce the score for the IB exam. This is different from any of the other IB subjects where students must sit their exam at the MISD during the month of May.

The IAM Robot team did incredibly well this past weekend at the state competition. The team made it to quarterfinals, but were beat by the team that eventually won the whole tournament. Ultimately the IAM finished 93rd in the state! Great job team !

Mr. Swanson will lead a Physics climbing trip to Planet Rock ( on April 26 where students will learn how to climb while learning physics. Mr. Swanson will set up stations where students will have to conceptually and mathematically connect different physics concepts with climbing. These concepts include balanced force vectors to help climbers rest, friction needed during crack climbing, doing work and using power while moving against gravitational potential, how dynamic ropes extend impact time during a climber’s fall to help soften their fall, as well as how the tension force is transferred to the maximum strength of the carabineers. I am sure students will have a lot of fun.

The IAM is competing in Science Olympiad States at MSU on April 29 against 59 other high school teams.  Our team consists of 15 students who compete in 23 events, all of which involve completing a written exam, performing scientific tasks, and/or designing and building a device to accomplish a goal.  The events cover a wide variety of STEM fields, and each student is responsible for preparing for and competing in 3-4 events. Good luck Ms. Weber and students!

Best regards,

Eric Sturm

Dear IAM Community,

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the winter at the IAM is the Olympics. All students showed tremendous spirit as they competed during the week of January 23-27 in a series of events around the theme of Harry Potter. My favorite is the hallway decorating competition. Each class adopts a hall and decks it out from top to bottom according to a theme. In this case, each class represented one of the houses from Harry Potter, so the respective halls were made to look accordingly. The school was transformed as the students went all out to make their hall look special-and let me say that they were truly amazing! The week culminated with a number of spirited games in the gym on the afternoon of January 27. Everyone had a great time and there were some lasting lessons in sportsmanship and the importance of being magnanimous in the face of defeat.

We are very proud of our own Ms. Amthor as she has been selected to serve as part of the curriculum review team for IB Theater. Every five to seven years each IB subject undergoes a global review where practitioners are invited from around the world to attend a series of meetings at The Hague, in the Netherlands. There the curriculum for the particular subject is revised so that the assessments and related content can be updated and reviewed. The process takes around 1-2 years and involves several meetings. It is a great honor to be selected to the review as educators from around the world apply and only a small number actually are selected to serve on the team. The other benefit is that through Ms. Amthor’s work we will get an inside look into the new curriculum which will ultimately benefit our students.

I am due to travel next week to China for a quality assurance review of a school in Qingdao. The school is called the Okma International Academy of Qingdao ( and was formed in the same manner as our school by the founder of the International Academy in Oakland County, Mr. Bert Okma. Ultimately IAM students and teachers will have the opportunity to spend parts of the year in China at the school where the curriculum and assessment program mirrors our own. Similarly teachers and students from the Qingdao campus will be able to spend time at the IAM. It should be a marvelous opportunity for everyone.

In celebration of Black History Month, next week on Monday our “Blackout Club” will sponsor an important event which will feature student readings of original poetry as well as a Detroit area spoken-word and hip hop artist, Mahogany Jones ( The event should be a lot of fun.

We have concluded our enrollment period with the entrance tests this past Saturday. We have experienced record numbers of interested students, clearly a tribute to the success of the school and the outstanding achievement by our students. We are very much gratified by the interest and we hope that we can continue to raise the bar for student success here at the IAM.

Best wishes,

Eric Sturm



If you did not get a chance to see the IAM production of The Crucible, you really missed out. Ms. Amthor’s vision of the play came to life as our students really captured the passion and depth of the drama in every way. The audience was blown away by the individual performances but also wowed by the scope of the production itself. Nice job students and congratulations Ms. Amthor!

On December 1 the IAM received a visit from the Superintendent of the Chippewa Valley Schools, Mr. Ron Roberts. Students led a tour of classrooms to show Mr. Roberts a glimpse of what makes the IAM special. Mr. Roberts talked with students and staff throughout the visit and came away with a better appreciation of our school.

Our enrollment period is underway with the application for new students becoming available on December 20. Mr. Michalos, our counselor, has been visiting area middle schools as part of our efforts to make sure everyone is aware of our program. We also conducted two “Enrollment Nights” where we presented to parents and students on everything there is to know about the IAM. In case you missed the presentation, please be aware that it was recorded and that we have also posted the presentation here:

As part of our efforts to improve communication, we will now be live-conferencing and video recording many of our meetings. We have purchased technology that will allow the community to virtually participate in meetings like “Coffee with the Principal.” We will forward a link prior to the meeting so that you can tune in live if you can’t make the meeting itself. We will also record the meeting so that your can check them out later. Kudos to Mr. Hrisoulis for his efforts with this initiative along with many of our technological advancements at the IAM.

One of the most enjoyable student activities that I was able to attend recently happened when Mr. Bohannon took our sophomores to the West Bloomfield Adventure Park. Students participated in team building activities like high ropes courses, climbing and zip-lining. This experience will now be offered each semester as a culminating activity for our Adventure Challenge class. Check out this clip if you want to know more about the experience:

Please make sure that you mark our Winter Band and Choir Concert on your calendars for December 19 at 7:00 PM in the Chippewa Valley High School auditorium. It is sure to put you in the holiday spirit! As part of the concert season our students are also performing a show that same day at Glen Peters School at 10:30 AM. Glen Peters is a program that serves students with moderate cognitive impairments (MoCI), severe cognitive impairments (SCI) and severe multiple impairments (SXI) from age three through twenty-six years of age.  It should be a great event.

Have a safe and peaceful holiday,

Eric Sturm


October 21, 2016

Dear IAM Community,

It has been a busy time at the IAM as we approach Halloween and the fall season. Students have been enjoying festivities like Spirit Week, the Homecoming Dance, and the Powder Puff game against the Utica Academy of International Studies (UAIS). In fact, we won the game once again (four years in a row!) in a competitive match, 24-8. This year the IAM will continue its season when it plays the East Campus of the International Academy on November 10 at 4:30 PM at Chippewa Valley. Everyone is welcome to attend.

In the classroom seniors have completed the Extended Essay and are finishing their college applications. Juniors are diving into the Diploma Programme (DP) with various internal assessments. Our sophomores are completing their Personal Projects while the freshmen are adjusting to life at the IAM and the rigors of their new schedules. Everyone is fully engaged in academic pursuits.

Kahoot  is a website that allows for teachers to poll students on a variety of different items in a fun and interactive way. Recently, I was in our new government teacher (Mr. Jonathan Pete’s) class,  and he used the site to great effectiveness to explain how interest groups can influence the political process. Students were highly engaged as they accessed the site via their smart phones or computers. Answers update live so that everyone can see where they may have misconceptions or misunderstandings. In this interesting election season it is important for our students to understand how the political system works, but making the information fun and accessible certainly facilitates the learning process. 

One of the aspects that I enjoy most about being in an IB school is the importance placed on student service. Today our students will attend a club fair organized and designed entirely by a group of students as part of their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project. As one walks the halls of the school it is striking and impressive to note the variety of student-directed service projects: a composting device that will recycle all wasted food stuffs from our cafeteria; a large container in the main office where students are collecting sweaters for the poor; a picnic table designed for our teachers to enjoy in the court yard. Student action is central to our curriculum and is represented at all levels of our program.

This past week I visited Brooklyn Latin High School as part of an IB evaluation team that was sent to gauge how the school implements the IB Diploma Programme (Grades 11 and 12). The visit proved interesting in several ways, but most of all because it will help to inform our own Diploma Evaluation process which is ongoing and due to be complete by December 1. Parents, students, and teachers have been providing feedback to us so that we can complete an action plan that will help to inform our course for the next five years. The IB will send an evaluation team, most likely in the spring, that will scrutinize our practices and procedures for the Diploma Programme. We are confident that our DP is great shape but we look forward to the feedback that the IB will provide.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our Fall Band and Choir Concert next week on October 25 at 7:00 PM in the Chippewa Valley High School auditorium.  Also-Parent-Teacher conferences will take place on October 27 from 12:30-3:30 and from 5:30-8:30.

Best regards,

Eric Sturm

PS: Congrats to our Quiz Bowl team for winning their first tournament. Check out the photo above!



August 6, 2016

Dear IAM Community,

I look forward to seeing everyone in a little over one week!

This summer was amazing for me as it started with a trip to Peru with almost 30 students. We visited the Amazon rain forest and Machu Picchu, and while incredible, most students felt that our visit to a rural Peruvian school was the highlight of the trip. We brought school supplies and spent a good part of the day working with the students, most of whom were between the ages of 6-12. It was so impressive to see our students conversing in Spanish while playing soccer and helping the Peruvian students with their work. There were smiles all around as our bus pulled out of the lot. We hope to maintain contact with the Peruvian students and perhaps visit the school again in the future.

The experience helped me to realize the importance of citizenship and how communication is central to breaking down barriers. This year I will make it a personal goal to help our students work on areas of their citizenship, specifically their ability to dialogue with others who are from different backgrounds and might share different views. I was certainly influenced by my experience as a faculty member this summer at Harvard’s Future of Learning Institute where the focus was on helping students to become better citizens. One of the areas of interest for me was how to help students engage with the world around them so as to impact and change it for the better -whether it be with issues from within their local context or in areas more global in nature. In the current climate, where it seems that people from different backgrounds have trouble discussing issues of common interest, it is more important than ever that our students learn to be bridge builders so as to help our community take action towards the IB mission of “making this a better and more peaceful world.”

Last year’s senior class surpassed all others in terms of their IB Diploma acquisition rate (93% received the full IB Diploma) and in terms of their scholarships to a list of very prestigious universities. They have set the pattern for the future at the IAM, and I am sure that this year will prove to be another step in the right direction for our students who continue to demonstrate that they are some of the best and brightest anywhere!

Let’s make 2016-2017 a great year!

Mr. Sturm

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